school’s out for summer

Monday 12th June 2006


Introducing a brand spankin’ new summer series of photo projects for kids. Check back every Monday for new, fun projects for kids to do with their photos – all under the “school’s out” category. All summer long – or until I run out of ideas.

Tattoo You

Kids are tough – they don’t need tattoos to prove it. But what kid wouldn’t like to sport a snazzy tattoo of their choosing (temporary, of course). Here’s a fun little project to make your own photos into the coolest temporary tattoos using your handy little ink-jet printer.

Continue reading for all the how-to fun:

supplies.jpg Supplies needed:

  1. Digital camera for taking pictures
  2. Ink-jet printer
  3. Scissors (remember, safety first!)
  4. Sponge or cloth
  5. Temporary Tattoo Kit ($8.95)
  6. Unadorned flesh
Step One: Take some cool photos for your tattoos. (Tip – tattoos will be easier for kids to create from images on a white background, so you might want to have your kids take some photos of objects on a white cardstock background.)
tattoos_1_small.jpg Step Two: Use any imaging program (or you can also use a word
processing program like Word) to lay out photos so they will fill the decal paper size (8.5″ X 5.5″). Be sure to leave enough room around the edges for kids to cut around the pictures. If image contains text or you don’t want it to be backwards, create a mirror image of the layout or set the print options to mirror image.
Step Three: Do a test print. If that checks out, grab the “super color decal paper” and print using the best quality or photo quality settings. Let it all dry for 30 minutes.
Step Four: Cut it out. Cut as close to the edges as possible.
tattoo_cutout.jpg Step Five: Cut a piece of the adhesive paper (this is the blank white paper in the kit) large enough to cover each of your printed images.
Step Six: (FYI – steps six and seven will probably be easier for an adult to do). Remove the backing on the adhesive paper (try not to touch the adhesive with your fingers as it comes off easily). Place your printed image face down on the adhesive and, using your fingers, rub of the remaining exposed adhesive that is left around the edges of your now facedown image.
Step Seven: Carefully peel up the image; try peeling all the edges first and the center last – the adhesive should now be covering the image. Don’t worry if some of the adhesive does not come off the backing – it still works fine. Again try not to touch the adhesive, and place the image adhesive side down on skin where you want the tattoo. Press firmly for about 10 seconds, then place wet cloth/sponge over paper and keep on for about 30-60 seconds or until you can slide the backing paper off.

Step Eight: Look – a happy, tattooed kid!To remove tattoo, rub off with soap and water. Instructions recommend removing after two days and in case of irritation (which neither adult nor child tester experienced), remove and apply baby oil.


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