coloring pages from your photos – 3 easy photoshop steps

Monday 26th June 2006


Another entry in the school’s out for summer series…

Here’s a quick three-step photoshop tutorial to make coloring pages for your kids from any digital photo. Kids will love coloring pictures of themselves and their family (what could be more fun than giving grandpa spiky purple hair and a green beard). Other ideas – help your kid take photos of their favorite toys, friends and places in your town or neighborhood (school, library, ice cream shop) and turn them into coloring pages. They make great diversions when you’re on the road or waiting in a restaurant.

Don’t have photoshop? If you use Corel Paint Shop Pro, you can try this .pdf tutorial for making coloring pages.

Continue reading to make your own coloring book…


Step One: Open image in Photoshop and size to fit your paper. Create duplicate layer to work with for Steps 2 and 3.


Step Two: Go to Filter–>Sketch–>Photocopy and adjust the detail and Darkness settings. Try to keep the Detail setting as low as possible while still retaining the major outlines of the image. I have set the Detail here at 8 and the Darkness at 5. The Darkness setting just needs to be dark enough to see the outlines you want to keep.


Step Three: Now we’ll clean the image up a bit by adjusting the levels. Go to Layers–>New Adjustment Layer–>Levels and increase the shadow levels (arrow #1) until you are satisfied with the darkness of the lines. Then decrease the highlight levels (arrow #2) to clean up some of the noise in the white areas of the picture. Print it out in black and white (staple the pages together if you’d like to make a book) and you’re good to go.


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