schools’ out – photo time capsule

Monday 3rd July 2006


If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken tons of photos of your kids, but maybe not as many for your kids. Growing up with a both a photographer grandfather and father, there are tons of amazing photos of my brother and I, but very few of our surroundings growing up. I would love now to see a photo of the room I had when I was 8 or my first elementary school (which was torn down shortly after we moved) or the sweet elderly woman who lived behind our house and gave us the best easter candy.

So this entry in the “school’s out” series is for a simple documentary project to create a photo time capsule of all those places and things in your child’s life that you might not otherwise photograph.

Have your kid help you take photos of the following:

  1. Your child’s room – try to get a picture for each wall
  2. Different rooms in your home
  3. Exterior shots of the house or building you live in and yard or courtyard if you have one
  4. Pictures of the street you live on; neighbors’ houses
  5. The school your child attends (don’t forget to photograph the classroom, teacher and schoolmates)
  6. Your child’s favorite toys and games
  7. Neighbors’ and local townfolk (e.g., the librarian, mail carrier)
  8. Favorite local shops, parks and playgrounds
  9. Anything else that your child would like to document

Make prints of the photos; document what and who is in every picture and place in an archival storage box (like the havana box from Kolo, pictured above) or an album or scrapbook (check out exposures or light impressions for some archival storage options). Set aside a time to open, say in ten or fifteen years and (this is important) put it somewhere where it won’t get lost.


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