55 max

Tuesday 25th July 2006


I’m so excited about UK-based 55 Max – I can’t believe I didn’t find them until now! 55 MAx offers affordable prints from contemporary photographers (check out the cool prints for kids) and they have an amazing bespoke interiors service with so many options, I don’t know where to start. They can put your image onto window roller blinds, ceramic wall and floor tiles, wallpaper, curtains or upholstery. And they’ll do the typical print onto canvas – and the not so typical print on aluminum (how cool!) and acrylic. Or for a really unique gift to commemorate a special event, use their photomontage service to create a collage that can then be printed onto the above options or on an awesome magnetic memoboard.

[Note: Site is a little annoying to navigate - but they do take international orders and some prices are listed in US dollars. Continue reading for some of my favorites.]

Bespoke carpet tiles come as easy to install self adhesive half meter square tiles.


Bespoke blinds, blinds from 55 max images and montage blinds


custom tiles and wallpaper (all customizable with your own image or a 55 max image)…



Montages in pinboard style and printed on magnetic memoboard

Oh, and I almost forgot these cool bags


and the clippykits (stick your photos in the sleeves to make bags, umbrellas etc.).


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