the compound word project

Monday 2nd October 2006

photos by maditi and alison

I consider myself more of a visual person than a verbal one, but I love to play with words — I’m a huge fan of Scrabble and the Times Sunday crossword (anyone know a seven-letter word for ‘unknown’?)

So, I was very excited to come across the compound word project.

photos by gracia and kristen

The project is the brainchild of Shari; she picked compund words and then assigned each participant a single word from the compound. Not knowing their compound word, each participant took a photo to represent their single word. Then Shari matched up the photos, creating a dipytch for each compound word – and everyone tried to guess what the compound words were. Not only is it fun (and harder than it looks) to correctly guess the answers, it is pretty amazing to see how well these photos (that were taken independently of each other and by different people) complement one another.

photos by leslie and karen

Shari hopes to do another project beginning in November, so check the site for more details if you are interested. Oh, and think you know the answers? Check here to see if you’re right!

photos by tiffany and paula

[Thanks to Shari and all the photographers for permission to show their work!]


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