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Thursday 8th March 2007


Here’s one of three projects I wrote up for the latest JPG Magazine, issue 9. Check it out – subscribe online or buy it at a bookstore. These projects take a digital photo from the dim glow of your computer monitor to a lovely light to amp up the atmosphere at your next party, brighten up a dark nook in your home or give as a cool photo gift. Love panoramas? Like lamps? Then this project is for you. Here’s how to make a very simple lampshade from a panorama photo – you can use it for an existing lamp base or use a hanging bulb kit to make the shade into a hanging pendant.

What you need:

  • A lampshade (drum or cylinder shape is the easiest to deal with) in white or very pale color.
  • Panorama photo cropped to fit the circumference and height of the shade and printed on translucent paper (ink jet vellum paper works nicely) Note: instead of a panorama, you can also put together more than one photo or use pieces of a photo.
  • Double-sided tape or glue dots

Print the photo out onto the translucent paper; it’s fine to print it on more than one piece of paper. Measure your shade and cut the photo to fit around the shade. Attach to the inside of the shade using double stick tape or glue dots. The image will appear when you turn on the light and disappear when the light is off. For a more intense effect, you can instead put your photo on the outside of the shade so it is visible at all times.


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